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I am Abolfazl Mahdavi, a web application developer with more than 13 years experiences.I have Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in .Net Framework 2.0 Web Application.

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Possibility to out-source projects, Software development for any institution or enterprise wanting to Out-Source their web application with .net (c#) and SQL Server.


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Research Interests: My main interested research areas are Computer Software (Total System , MIS, and E-Business). My main experience was on Web-Based Programming with C# and with MS SQL Server Database in n-Tier Architecture and also ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and .NET Remoting.

My Research Activities during My B.Sc: My interest in computers goes back to the high school years. At that time, I was very interested in computer programming. Then, I was accepted in Mathematics Department at University of Mashhad in 1996. My favorite subjects during my B.Sc were Computer Networks, Computer Software, and Simulation. I worked as teaching assistant of several courses such as Computer Programming Languages (Pascal and C). I have improved my programming skills in C, C++, Pascal, FoxPro, HTML, Delphi and ASP. I also tried to make myself as expert as possible in my research interests fields and got the first rank in the Introduction to Computer Programming with Pascal . As some business activities, I was design web site of faculty library. This was my first produced web site.My B.Sc’s project was also a simulator for Queuing Theory System.

My Current Activities: During the last 12 years, I worked as application programmer and web designer. I got very good experiences in web-based programming with C# and Total System Programming. I have also developed an Accounting System (EasyTac Box) for Iranian ISP’s, CRM and many other projects.. You can find my projects in Projects menu.
From 2014, I started my master in Eastern Mediterranean University. I am studing master of ICT in Education.

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